The Lansdowne Club · National Liberal Club · University Women’s Club
22nd - 24th April 2022



We all had a great time. See you the next year or in the mean time in Paris!

Nataly Vukobrat · Cercle de l’Union Interalliée · Paris, France

Fantastic event; it had great atmosphere, I really enjoyed the weekend. Made lots of friends and fell in love with Barcelona!

Eorann O’Connor · Oxford and Cambridge Club · London, U.K.

Thank you very much for the dedication and effort, everything outstanding!

Juan Torres Candau · Real Club de Andalucía “El Aero” · Seville, Spain

Excellent weekend in Barcelona it was most enjoyable!

John Veness · Royal Automobile Club · London, U.K.

Well done on a great event in Barcelona!

Jemima Lovatt · University Women’s Club · London, U.K.

Thank you for the extraordinary organization! All activities were great!

Stefaan de Jonckheere · Cercle de Lorraine · Brussels, Belgium

Thank you for organizing a great weekend!!! Looking forward to London next year

Remco Pot · Koninklijke Industrieele Groote Club · Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Great weekend, especially enjoyed the evening at Ecuestre, Sutton and the brunch

Armand de Romemont · Automobile Club de France · Paris, France

European Inter-Clubs weekend! Amazing time, great people & inspiration

Teodora Simova · Círculo Ecuestre · Barcelona, Spain

Cracking weekend

Eleanor Wilson · University Women’s Club · London, U.K.

Barcelona such an amazing weekend

Emma Moore · National Liberal Club · London, U.K.



An incredible weekend. We really enjoyed.

Carles Jimenez · Círculo del Liceo · Barcelona, Spain

Amazing weekend! We enjoyed a lot, everything was perfect!

Carlo Vitalini Nuovo Circolo Deglo Scacchi · Rome, Italy

Incredible weekend and being such wonderful company

Caroline Roddis · Royal Over-Seas League· London, U.K.

It was an amazing experience!!

Vladimir SalnikovCírculo Ecuestre · Barcelona, Spain

Tons of positive energy in Paris. An inspiring weekend. Life is good. See you all soon!

Caterina Stripoli · Circolo Antico Tiro A Volo · Rome, Italy

So many fabulous people in Paris.(…) I must say that I’m amazed with your hospitality and organizational skills

Marc Schreinemacher · Société littéraire · Liège, Belgium

I spent two beautiful days with all of you. Thank you very much for all your efforts

Luca Fantin · Società Del Giardino · Milano, Italy

Such a pleasant and enjoyable weekend in Paris

David Wilson · The Ulster Reform Club · Belfast, U.K.

How well organized and fun this weekend has been! I hope we’ll do it again soon!

Sofia Marcoartu · Sociedad Bilbaina · Bilbao, Spain

2nd · YOUNG EUROPEAN INTER-CLUB WEEKEND (Amsterdam · Netherlands)


It was wonderfull I really enjoyed my time

David Leys · Royal Int. Club Château Sainte-Anne · Brussels, Belgium

Great Weekend

Emma Atkin-Brenninkmeyer · Koninklijke Industrieele Groote Club · Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Cercle de l’Union Interalliée members were absolutelly delighted!

Guillaume Gatineau · Cercle de l’Union Interalliée · Paris, France

Fantastic weekend – I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

Christ Tindall ·  The Royal Northern and University Club ·  Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Brilliant weekend schedule and management, dynamic and balanced program.

Paulo Lopes Marcelo · Gremio Literario · Lisbon, Portugal


Real Gran Peña
26-27th May 2017

I Young European Inter-Club Weekend

  • Promoted by the representative of the Gold Alliance and young members of the Real Gran Peña of Madrid.
  • The successfull event, gathered 45 young members from 5 countries and 10 clubs.

Participating clubs:

Young European Inter-Club


A winning formula

Michael Choong · Lansdowne Club · London, United Kingdom

Very good time in Madrid, new friends and contacts in other clubs. Looking forward to the next Inter-clubs
Gustaf Josefson · Royal Bachelor’s Club · Göteborg, Sweden
Brilliant initiative. Will not miss Amsterdam

Yuri Aguilar · Real Sociedad Valenciana Ag. y Dep. · Valencia, Spain

Excellent weekend!

Harry Smeeden · The Savile Club · London, United Kingdom