Past Events



An incredible weekend. We really enjoyed.

Carles Jimenez · Círculo del Liceo · Barcelona, Spain

Amazing weekend! We enjoyed a lot, everything was perfect!

Carlo Vitalini Nuovo Circolo Deglo Scacchi · Rome, Italy

Incredible weekend and being such wonderful company

Caroline Roddis · Royal Over-Seas League· London, U.K.

It was an amazing experience!!

Vladimir SalnikovCírculo Ecuestre · Barcelona, Spain

Tons of positive energy in Paris. An inspiring weekend. Life is good. See you all soon!

Caterina Stripoli · Circolo Antico Tiro A Volo · Rome, Italy

So many fabulous people in Paris.(…) I must say that I’m amazed with your hospitality and organizational skills

Marc Schreinemacher · Société littéraire · Liège, Belgium

I spent two beautiful days with all of you. Thank you very much for all your efforts

Luca Fantin · Società Del Giardino · Milano, Italy

Such a pleasant and enjoyable weekend in Paris

David Wilson · The Ulster Reform Club · Belfast, U.K.

How well organized and fun this weekend has been! I hope we’ll do it again soon!

Sofia Marcoartu · Sociedad Bilbaina · Bilbao, Spain