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Letter to the invited club members

Dear Member,

My name is Piero Cattarini, member of la Real Gran Peña (Madrid-Spain) since 2004 and former member of the Koninklijke Industrieele Groote Club (Amsterdam-Netherlands).

As a member of both, I have been involved simultaneously in organizing activities regarding young members.

In February 2017, I proposed to the young members and respective Board of Directors of both clubs the organisation on an Inter-Club event, whereby those young members would visit each other in Madrid and Amsterdam.

With the enthusiastic backing of the Jongeren Tafel of the Industrieele Groote Club and the further support of the young members of the Gran Peña we further decided to invite those other clubs from across Europe which shared a relationship with either of the clubs, in order to encourage their young members to join and participate.

As planned, this event took place in Madrid the weekend of the 26-28th of May of 2017. In the first European Inter-club Weekend the attendants’ expectations were totally surpassed.

As a response to this first event, the Jongeren Tafel of the K.I.G.C. invited the young members of R.G.P. to visit their club the weekend of 27-28th October 2017 and new 25 clubs were invited to join. The second European Inter-club Weekend once again, surpassed all the attendants’ expectations.

A year after, the 21-23rd September 2018, and as a joint venture by the young members of the Automobile Club de France and the Cercle de L’Union Interallié it was organized the third European Inter-club Weekend with 38 clubs from across europe and 300 participants. The figures speak by themselves, so as the feedback comments of from all the participants resumed as: “Excellent, excellent, excellent

Now, again, a third year on a row, we are planning the fourth European Inter-club weekend a joint venture between the Círculo del Liceo and Círculo Ecuestre. While they draft the agenda, bear in mind the goals of our self-coordinated group of members inter-club interest, namely, the Gold Alliance:

(1) Serve as a networking platform and strengthen ties between members of the participating clubs.
(2) Promote Inter-club relationships across Europe on an institutional level.
(3) Promote the history, tradition, values and heritage of our clubs and countries.
(4) Encourage the participation of club members of all ages and genders in future Inter-club activities.
(5) Encourage the participation and integration of young members in the Inter-club network.
(6) Develop the Gold Alliance organization brand: a Pan-European organization with the aim of promoting the aforementioned objectives and events on a scheduled regular basis.

(7) Individual freedom: Respect the human diversity on race, religion or gender.
(8) Private property: Attach-to and respect any club’s norms, history and traditions.
(9) Free enterprise: In the human and business level. By joining and putting in common shared interests and by exchanging and creating value.

(10) The global fight against A.L.S.: Gold Alliance has a self-imposed will to fight A.L.S. across the globe hence, it will allocate a percentage of the revenue of the most costly event to a local foundation that supports ALS ill people.

Please join us in Barcelona the 27-29th September in the fourth European Inter-club weekend. We can only expect a magnificent event organized by the host clubs, to build our networks, club and countries history and shared European values.

We are looking forward to seeing you there.


Piero Cattarini
Founder of the Gold Alliance